1.     What is the minimum distance from the rear ditch to the front of the mat?

A.       6 feet

B.     2 metres

C.       2 feet




2.     Possession of the rink ……when does your turn start?

A.     When the opposition moves off the mat

B.     When you step on the mat

C.     When your opponent’s bowl comes to rest




3.     Possession of the rink …….    When does your turn end?

A.     When your bowl comes to rest

B.     After you have asked how near the jack you are

C.     Immediately after delivering your bowl




4.     Who lifts the shot bowls out of the head and places them together when deciding how many shots have been won?

A.     Anyone

B.     The team who has the shot

C.     The team who does not have the shot




5.     Where should you stand when it is not your turn to bowl?

A.     Off the rink

B at least one metre behind the mat

C. In the sight of the bowler about to bowl his bowl.




6.     The last bowl has been played and everyone walks up the rink behind the moving bowl.

A.     No problem

B.  the player has the right to see their bowl until it comes to rest

C. You can walk up the rink at any time




7.     When do you mark a toucher?

A.     As soon as it touches the jack

B.     Before the next bowl comes to rest

C.     Anytime during the end




8.     If the jack is in the ditch and a bowl is delivered and enters the ditch and touches the jack is that bowl then a toucher?

A.     Yes, it is

B. No, it is not

C. Not sure, so will mark it anyway




9.     The jack is delivered and is short. The jack is delivered again by the opposition and it goes in the ditch. What happens next?

A.     The jack is placed on the T

 (2 metre mark)

B.     The jack is re delivered again

C.     The lead tells his skip to  put the jack up the rink 2 metres from the T




10.  What is a tied end

A.     When both  the opposition and your bowl is the same distance from the jack

B.     When you can’t agree who is shot

C.     If the jack is hit and goes out of the rink




  1. A bowl is at rest leaning towards the jack. The next player delivers his bowl and while it is coming up the rink the leaning bowl falls and touches the jack. Should it be marked as a toucher?


  1. The jack is at rest in the ditch, a bowl is delivered and comes to rest on the edge of the rink touching the jack.Is this bowl a toucher and should it be chalked?


  1. A player’s bowl hits the jack out of the rink of play. What happens?


  1. In a competition match, when can a player give the mat away?


  1. How should you be standing on the mat before delivery?


  1. Where should your feet be positioned when you release the bowl from your hand at the point of delivery?


  1. A bowl is delivered fast and it hits the bank and rebounds back onto the rink. Is it still in play or not?


  1. Cont. from 17.If it is in play, what happens?     If it is not in play, what happens to it?


  1. You are marking a game of singles and your player’s bowl is delivered on a wrong bias which is going onto the next rink. What do you do?


  1. As a skip what must you do to the scorecard at the end of the game?


Quiz - 6 Answers