1.  Who, didn't bring Barbara flowers any more?
2. Who got " Breathless"? 
3. Who had a kiss from a rose? 
4.What bands were Wilson Phillips parents in? 
5. Who had "A lovely day"?
6. Where was "it raining" for Buddy? 
7. What bird did Eva Cassidy sing about? 
8. Who "Ain't got no/I got life". 
9. Who said " she has diamonds on the 
soles of her shoes". 
10. Who thought "your so vain" was about him? 
11. Where were Paul and Art "bound"? 
12. Who "Held back the years"? 
13. What's was Nat's "Game about"? 
14. Who sang about "The living years"? 
15. Who "Looked through any window"? 
16. In what film were the BGees "Staying Alive"?.
17. Who sang "if you leave me now"? 
18. Who were "The Kings of Wishful thinking". 
19. Who sang "it don't matter to me"? 
20. What was the "B" side of "Please, Please Me".