1. Who were "making love in the green grass" and where? 3 answers

2 Who was wearing a hippy hat down a bumpy hillside?
3 Who had an album for sale?
4. Who were looking for shelter?
5. Who was hit with a stick?
6. Who had a girlfriend called Marie?
7. Who sang "sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble"?
8. Who was feeling glad?
9. Who got down on their knees and prayed that pointed things would go away?
10. Who sang about "being born with a plastic spoon in his mouth"?
11. Who sang about the love of a  Montague for a Capulet?
12. Who originally wanted to spend his life "with a girl like you? (Name of group and lead singer)
13. Who wanted to be "a carpenter"?
14. Who had "sunshine on a cloudy day"?
15. What was the name of Sylvia's mother?
16. Who was "sure of all the things we got"?
17. Who tried to take Mick "upstairs for a ride"?
18. Who "just killed a man"?
19. Who roamed around Nassau town with his grandfather drinking and fighting?
20. Who should be back at school because it's late September?